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VB2018 video: Triada: the past, the present and the (hopefully not existing) future
Today we publish the video of the VB2018 presentation by Google researcher Lukasz Siewierski on the Triada Android malware and Google's work with OEMs to remove it from infected devices.

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VB2018 paper: Uncovering the wholesale industry of social media fraud: from botnet to bulk reseller panels
Today, we publish the VB2018 paper by Masarah Paquet-Clouston (GoSecure) who looked at the supply chain behind social media fraud.

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VB2018 paper: Now you see it, now you don't: wipers in the wild
Today, we publish the VB2018 paper from Saher Naumaan (BAE Systems) who looks at malware variants that contain a wiper functionality. We also publish the recording of her presentation.

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Emotet trojan starts stealing full emails from infected machines
The infamous Emotet trojan has added the capability to steal full email bodies from infected machines, opening the possibilities for more targeted spam and phishing campaigns.

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VB2018 paper: Who wasn?t responsible for Olympic Destroyer?
Cisco Talos researchers Paul Rascagnères and Warren Mercer were among the first to write about the Olympic Destroyer, the malware that targeted the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. Today, we publish the paper they presented at VB2018 about the malware; we also publish the video of their VB2018 presentation.

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VB2018 paper: From drive-by download to drive-by mining: understanding the new paradigm
Today, we publish the VB2018 paper by Malwarebytes researcher Jérôme Segura, in which he details the shift from exploit kits to drive-by mining. We also publish the video of his VB2018 presentation.

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VB2018 presentation: The wolf in sheep's clothing - undressed
Today, we publish the video of the VB2018 presentation by CSIS researchers Benoît Ancel and Aleksejs Kuprins, who looked at a rather dubious seller of government spyware, described by someone else operating in the same space as a "criminal of the worst kind".

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VB2018 paper: The dark side of WebAssembly
Today, we publish the VB2018 paper by Symantec researchers Aishwarya Lonkar and Siddhesh Chandrayan on the security risks that come with WebAssembly.

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The Virus Bulletin conference returns home: VB2019 to take place in London
In 2019, the Virus Bulletin conference is set to return home, with VB2019 taking place in London, UK.

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Guest blog: The case for increasing transparency in cybersecurity
In a guest blog post, Kaspersky Lab's Anton Shingarev considers the case for increasing transparency in cybersecurity.

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