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Nominations opened for sixth Péter Sz?r Award
Virus Bulletin is seeking nominations for the sixth annual Péter Sz?r Award.

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Haroon Meer and Adrian Sanabria to deliver VB2019 closing keynote
New additions to the VB2019 conference programme include a closing keynote address from Thinkst duo Haroon Meer and Adrian Sanabria and a talk on attacks against payment systems.

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Free VB2019 tickets for students
Virus Bulletin is excited to announce that, thanks to generous sponsorship from Google Android, we are able to offer 20 free tickets to students who want to attend VB2019.

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VB2018 paper: Lazarus Group: a mahjong game played with different sets of tiles
The Lazarus Group, generally linked to the North Korean government, is one of the most notorious threat groups seen in recent years. At VB2018 ESET researchers Peter Kálnai and Michal Poslu?ný presented a paper looking at the group's various campaigns. Today, we publish their paper and the recording of their presentation.

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Book your VB2019 ticket now for a chance to win a ticket for BSides London
Virus Bulletin is proud to sponsor this year's BSides London conference, which will take place next week, and we have a number of tickets to give away.

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First 11 partners of VB2019 announced
We are excited to announce the first 11 companies to partner with VB2019, whose support will help ensure a great event.

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VB2018 paper: Fake News, Inc.
A former reporter by profession, Andrew Brandt's curiosity was piqued when he came across what appeared at first glance to be the website of a small-town newspaper based in Illinois, but under scrutiny, things didn?t add up. At VB2018 he presented a paper in which he shared the results of his investigation of the site. Today, we publish his paper and the recording of his presentation.

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Paper: Alternative communication channel over NTP
In a new paper published today, independent researcher Nikolaos Tsapakis writes about the possibilities of malware using NTP as a covert communication channel and how to stop this.

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VB2019 conference programme announced
VB is excited to reveal the details of an interesting and diverse programme for VB2019, the 29th Virus Bulletin International Conference, which takes place 2-4 October in London, UK.

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VB2018 paper: Under the hood - the automotive challenge
Car hacking has become a hot subject in recent years, and at VB2018 in Montreal, Argus Cyber Security's Inbar Raz presented a paper that provides an introduction to the subject, looking at the complex problem, examples of car hacks, and the challenges ahead. Today, we publish both Inbar's paper and the recording of his presentation.

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